Our vision and hope as a PE Department is to ensure our pupils have the skills, knowledge and ability to lead healthy and active lifestyles and choose to pursue a sport of their choice in either a social, semi-professional or professional setting. 

Curriculum Allocation

All pupils study Physical Education from Key Stage 1. In the Infant and Junior Schools, pupils study Physical Education for between 1 and 1.5 hours a week, in one block. In Middle School, pupils study Physical Education for 1 hour a week. In Upper School, pupils all study Physical Education for 1 hour a week.

Additionally, pupils may choose to study BTEC PE. Pupils who make this decision receive 3 hours of BTEC PE lessons which are made up of 80% theory and 20% practical lessons.

Curriculum Overview (2017-18)

Physical Education is offered for 1 hour a week of the curriculum.

KS1 Content Ks2 Content KS3 Content KS4 Content
R Developing core movement and skills 3 Developing movement and core skills and starting to apply them in different situations 7 Focus on developing core skills and applying them in competitive situations. 10 Focus on staying active and experience different sports
1 4 8 11
2 5 9    

Pupils are assessed formally in Secondary and informally in Primary.

Curriculum Routines

A typical Physical Education lesson at KSA is objective led, and builds on motor and fine motor skills in Primary. In Secondary the focus is on skill development and game play. Vocabulary and grammar are recapped on a regular basis to support their learning. 

Across the school a lesson might look like this:

Warm up Jog, stretch and recap of last lesson
New Content New skill/movement- may be review
Guided Practice Opportunity to practice new skill/play guided by the teacher/ in pairs
Independent Practice Opportunity to practise new knowledge more independently- may be game play
Game play Should show you whether students have learnt what you have taught them in lesson and if they are able to apply it to a game situation

Extra-Curricular and Enrichment Opportunities


We provide opportunities for pupils to watch sporting events throughout the year.

Extra-curricular opportunities

Students can choose to participate in clubs after school. Next year, based on demand, we hope to offer:

  • Football
  • Girls football
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Dance
  • Martial arts
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis

PDF iconPE and Sport Grant Funding 2018-19

Representing the School

Pupils are offered many opportunities to show us that they are keen to and able to represent the school at fixtures and events throughout the year. We compete in all Westminster events and some Ark events throughout the year. We currently have KSA football and basketball teams in each year group and are working towards having a netball and rugby team too.

Key contacts and how to get involved

If you would like to learn more about Physical Education at KSA, you can contact:

Rhiannon Llewellyn; Head of All-Through Physical Education (

Jon Johnson; Deputy Head of Physical Education (

Bianca Casey: Teacher of PE

Coach Ana

You can also follow us on Instagram for updates throughout the year

We welcome visits from those about to begin their teaching journey or those who have been teaching for a while. We also love visits and support from speakers who might like to help our students improve their Physical skills.