We are very proud of our music programme. You can find out much more about the programme here. Below you will find information specific to music lessons and their content.


We are committed to providing our students with a rich variety of experiences. Our music specialism is part of that commitment. Collective participation in music builds a sense of community and develops skills in self- expression and performance as well as self-discipline and team work. As part of a school which provides a wealth of musical opportunities and experiences, every student learns an instrument and performs as part of an orchestra. We strongly believe our music program plays a key role in our school’s wider mission to provide a transformational education for our pupils within the context of our local community.

Curriculum Overview

KS2 to KS3

Music HT1 HT2 HT3
Musical Studies Instrumental Studies Musical Studies Instrumental Studies Musical Studies Instrumental Studies
Year 3 Heroes and Villains Colourstrings A Inventors and Inventions Colourstrings A Volcanoes and Earthquakes Colourstrings A
Year 4 My London: Culture and Identity Colourstrings A Back to the Future: Ancient Egypt Colourstrings A Rivers Colourstrings A
Year 5 Rights and Responsibilities Grade 1 What have the Romans done for us? Grade 1 Water and Africa Grade 1
Year 6 Five Finger Melodies Grade 2 Theme and Variations Grade 2 Ode to Joy Grade 2
Year 7 Fanfare Grade 3 Peter and the Wolf Grade 3 The Blues Grade 3
Year 8 Dance Pop Grade 3 Horror Grade 3 Minimalism Grade 3
Year 9 Music for Screen Grade 4 Musical Cultures Grade 4 Chart Toppers Grade 4


Music HT4 HT5 HT6
Musical Studies Instrumental Studies Musical Studies Instrumental Studies Musical Studies Instrumental Studies
Year 3 Community and Communication Colourstrings A Stone Age to Iron Age Colourstrings A Go Nuts for Brazil! Colourstrings A
Year 4 Business Enterprise Colourstrings B / Copper Back to the Future: Ancient Greece Colourstrings B / Copper Extreme Environments Colourstrings B / Copper
Year 5 Read All About It: Journalism in the UK Grade 1   Grade 1   Grade 1
Year 6 Carnival of the Animals Grade 2 We Are One Grade 2 Musical Theatre Grade 2
Year 7 ABBA Grade 3 Four Chord Songs Grade 3 Portfolio Grade 3
Year 8 Beatle-Mania Grade 3 String Quartets Grade 3 Portfolio Grade 3
Year 9 Arranging Music Grade 4 Star Wars Grade 4 Intro to Set Works/ Portfolio Grade 4






Year 10 Listening and appraising Consolidation of basic musical analysis skills Star Wars (Williams) Music for a While (Purcell) Release (Afro Celt Sound System) Defying Gravity (Schwartz) Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 (Bach)
Performing Solo performance preparation Solo performance recording Solo performance preparation Solo performance recording Solo performance preparation Solo performance recording   

Explore options for ensemble performance

Composing Preparatory composing tasks and exercises Whole class composition project First draft of ‘free composition’ Development of ‘free composition’
  Moderation focus Performing Composing Listening and appraising
Year 11 Listening and appraising Killer Queen (Queen) Samba Em Preludio (Esperanza Spalding) Sonata No. 8 ‘Pathetique’ (Beethoven) and mock exam Review set works and exam practice Review set works and exam practice  
Performing Prepare ensemble performance Record ensemble performance Final solo performance Revisit any performances that may be improved    
Composing Exploration of set briefs/preparation of responses First draft of ‘composition in response to set brief’ Development of ‘composition in response to set brief’ Revisit free composition to make final improvements    
  Moderation focus Performing and composing Performing and composing       




Extra-curricular opportunities

Music is already a big part of the weekly timetable at KSA but there is more than just the standard curriculum on offer;

  • Activity sessions for KS3; half an hour of guided instrument practice once a week during the mid-day timetable rotation
  • One Voice Choir; A choir program that links up with the ARK network and accepts keen singers from KS2 to KS4. Sessions happen after school
  • Music Practice after school; pupils can sign up to visit the department and work on a range of independent or small group projects including composition on computers, forming a band, exploring different instruments


Our marquee trip is the yearly Upper School Orchestra international tour. To date we have visited Austria, Spain, Slovakia and Bulgaria with our most dedicated and enthusiastic musicians in KS4 upwards. These trips involve performances in front of locals and tourists, collaboration with the ‘Teach for All’ programs in each of the countries, a range of cultural emersion and tourist activities. Find out more here.

Other local and UK based trips include the following;

  • Optional visits to the Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall and other grand concert halls to watch a range of orchestras, performances and artists
  • Performances in the local area e.g. the Paddington Basin, music competition e.g. Music for Youth
  • Tri-borough GCSE related workshops
  • ARK SAFE (Sounds Alive Fusion Ensemble) program residential (weekend away learning performance material)

Key contacts and how to get involved

If you would like to learn more about music at KSA, you can contact:

Sian Morten; Head of All-Through Music

We particularly welcome opportunities for our strings orchestras to work with external projects and to continue developing musical excellence with industry professionals.