Modern Foreign Languages


MFL at King Solomon academy aims to equip pupils with Scandinavian proficiency and confidence in communicating in at least one other language beyond English and appreciation of other cultures and values. Ultimately, with the opportunities being an all-through school presents, we aim to help pupils who begin studying languages in Year 3 to speaking confidently and fluently on a wide range of real life topics.

Curriculum Allocation

All pupils study French from Key Stage 2. In the Junior School, pupils study French for 1.5 hours a week, in three thirty minute blocks. In Middle School, pupils study French for between 2 and 3 hours a week. In Upper School, pupils all study French for 3 hours a week.

Additionally, pupils may choose to study Spanish for GCSE. Pupils who make this decision receive two GCSE languages qualifications and will study Spanish in one of their Option blocks for an additional three hours a week.

In Sixth Form we offer both French and Spanish A-Levels. Pupils study these subjects for 6 hours a week.

Curriculum Overview (2017-18)

As French is only currently being embedded in the Junior School, pupils in Years 5 and 6 are currently studying identical topics. Longer term, pupils will study different core topics each year.


Junior Content Middle Content Upper Content 6th Form Content
3 Myself       

My classroom

My family

My hobbies

7 Where I live       


Music/ leisure


10 Fr Food and festivals       



The world of work

12 Fr Contemporary France       

Francophone World

Au revoir les enfants

4 Describing others       

Daily routine

8 Harry Potter       


First World War

Food and drink

10 Sp Who am I?       

Daily life




12 Sp Contemporary Spain       

Hispanic World


5 Healthy living       

Describing others

The zoo

9 Healthy Living       


Popular Culture

11 Fr Holidays and Travel       

Bringing the world together


13 Fr Un sac de billes       

Occupation and Resistance


6 Healthy living       

Describing others

The zoo

    11 Sp Schools       


Bringing the world together

13 Sp Como Agua Para Chocolate       

Franco’s Spain and Transition


Pupils are assessed formally in every year group once a term.

In Lower KS2 (Years 3 and 4) these assessments focus only on speaking and listening, but in all other year groups pupils are assessed on all four skills. (Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading).

Curriculum Routines

A typical languages lesson at KSA is objective led, and builds towards the exit ticket, which assesses the content taught in that lesson. Vocabulary and grammar are typically recapped on a regular basis to support the transfer of learning from working memory to long-term memory.

In Key Stages 3, 4 and 5, a languages lesson looks like this:

Do Now Recap prior learning       

Could be used for spiral recap of skills

Homework set (Where appropriate)       

Ensure pupils write homework in diaries

New Content New grammar/ vocabulary- may be review
Guided Practice Opportunity to practice new knowledge guided by the teacher/ in pairs
Independent Practice Opportunity to practice new knowledge more independently- may involve paired work in MFL (e.g. speaking task)
Exit Ticket Should show you whether pupils have learnt what you have taught them in lesson       

You should have time to input merits/demerits while pupils complete this task

 In Key Stage 2, a languages lesson looks like this:

Speaking Recap prior learning       

Opportunity to practice oral French

Recap Review of previously taught learning.       


New Content New vocabulary/ structures are taught.
Practice Pupils practise their new learning independently.




Extra-Curricular and Enrichment Opportunities


  • All pupils have the opportunity to visit a French speaking country in their secondary education and to speak French while they are there
  • Pupils who opt to study Spanish can also choose to attend a trip to Spain, where they will have lots of opportunities to practise the language.

Extra-curricular opportunities

Pupils can choose to participate in languages related clubs after school. Next year, based on demand, we hope to offer:

  • Spanish in KS2
  • Latin in KS3
  • The Languages Challenge in KS3

Enrichment Opportunities

In the Junior School and in early Middle School, pupils participate in a variety of competitive challenges, including the Disney singing competition and the Spelling Bee.

In year 8 pupils design their own Harry Potter performance, based on the language they have learnt in that term. In Year 9, pupils will read in French in their shorter half hour lesson, from a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.

In Upper School, pupils can volunteer to help in clubs lower down the school and can sign up for the Bouygues Languages Challenge

Key contacts and how to get involved

If you would like to learn more about languages at KSA, you can contact:

Ania Chawluk; Head of All-Through MFL

Alicia Manley; Lead Teacher of French (KS2 and 5)

Rachel Mulvena; Lead Teacher of French (KS3 and 4)

We welcome visits from those about to begin their teaching journey or those who have been teaching for a while. We also love visits and support from native speakers who might like to help our pupils improve their language skills!