At King Solomon Academy we strongly believe in the power of purposeful academic and extra-curricular trips and visits. If we are to achieve our mission of providing a ‘rigorous and transformational education’ we need to look beyond the walls of this building for amazing opportunities in the real world that really broaden our pupils' horizons and raise their aspirations.

Examples of the types of trips we run are shown below:

Type of trip Purpose Examples
Local day trip To bring the curriculum to life and make learning real. We are fortunate to have many wonderful opportunities on our doorstep in London
  • Reception trip to Kew Gardens
  • Yr. 10 Geography trip to the London Docklands
  • Yr. 11 Business trip to LSE finance seminar
  • Sports fixture against another school
Day trip outside of London To visit specialist locations that provide great pupil experiences and broaden their horizons
  • Yr. 10 PRIDE Prize reward trip to Brighton Beach
  • Yr. 12 Geography coursework trip to Camber Sands
Residential Trip UK University aspirational, broaden horizons and fun rewards for hard work See below
International Residential Cultural enhancement and broaden horizons even further See below

 We strongly believe in the value of taking our pupils to new places both near and far for overnight residential trips. Residential trips are also 'golden time' for building staff/pupil relationships.

Residential Trips at KSA Year Group Purpose
Sayers Croft Residential 5 Developing more outdoors experience and building sense of team in year group
Oxford 6 Developing more outdoors experience and building sense of team in year group
Warwick University Residential 7 Fostering university aspirations and end of year payslip reward
Jamie's Farm Residential 8 Continuing to foster university aspirations, build character and sense of team as well as end of year payslip reward
Oxford University Residential 9 Continuing to foster university aspirations and mid-year payslip reward
Camping Year 9 Ashdown Forest 9 Developing a love for the great outdoors, teamwork and specialist skills and end of year payslip reward
Bronze and Gold D of E Expeditions* 10 and 12 Internationally recognised award program; learning about and enjoying the great outdoors independently and creating university personal statement 'Gold Dust'
Belgium Residential 10 Reflecting on WW1 and its impact on the world we live in today. Also end of Year payslip reward
Cambridge Residential 11 Continuing to foster university aspirations and post-mock exams payslip reward
Year 12 Residential 12 Post end of year exams, reflective, re-charge before the final push
Barcelona/Spain (Biennial)* 11 to 13 Bringing the curriculum to life and exploring Spanish culture
6th Form International Residential* 12 & 13 Sixth form team building, cultural enhancement and broadening horizons
Prefects & School Leaders Residential* 8 to 13 Developing leadership skills and creating a team of pupil leaders throughout the school with a joint vision and ethos
Upper School Orchestra International Tour* 9 to 13 Celebrating the success of our ground-breaking music program and rewarding pupils for their discipline and commitment to music  Find out more here.

Most of these trips run towards the end of the academic year. Pupils need to demonstrate excellent character and trustworthiness throughout the year in order to earn their place on the trip. It is our goal that every pupil earns the trip each year. In Middle and Upper School we use payslip as a way of tracking the choices pupils make each day, week and half term. Pupils must have an annual average of 100 or more to earn their place on the trip. We review and reflect on payslip regularly with pupils, using it to enable us to give guidance and advice to our pupils as they develop their character. 

*These trips are optional, whereas the other trips listed are organised for the whole year group each year.