*Including silent sustained reading we call Drop Everything and Read or DEAR

** In primary, history, geography and RS are taught as a combined curriculum; in Y7 and Y8, pupils are taught 2 hours a week of history and 2 of geography and in Y9, an additional hour of RS is added.

*** Including swimming in Year 3 for two terms


In Key Stage Four, we aim for all pupils to achieve the EBACC. Therefore, almost all pupils in Year 10 and Year 11 continue to study French and at least one of History or Geography. The highest attainers study slightly fewer hours of English, Maths and RS each week, thus allowing them to study an additional Humanities subject. For the small few who have not reached the academic standards necessary to be successful in these subjects, alternative arrangements are made in this time to support them to make more rapid and sustained progress as readers, writers or mathematicians. 

*Advisory encompasses our pastoral curriculum, including PSHE and careers, as well as assemblies.