The vision is to provide opportunities for students to create a wide variety of work with detailed explorations in media such as painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture. Students will be introduced to relevant artists and art styles and will learn to compare, analyse, evaluate and discuss their own work as well as the work of others.

Curriculum allocation

Year group Allocated hours
KS1 and 2 1 hour per week
KS3 1 hour per week
KS4 3 hours per week
KS5 6 hours per week

Curriculum Overview

Year group Content
KS1 YEAR 1          

DT – Design and make a puppet

Art - Drawing and Printing William Morris

Art - Painting Van Gogh

DT – Design and make a vehicle for the caretaker

Mechanisms– Wheels and Axles

DT –Design and make a playground for the local park

Freestanding Structures

YEAR 2          

DT – Design and make a pop-up book

Mechanisms – Sliders and Levers

Art –Painting 

Food artists – painting

Art – Sculpture Aboriginal totems

Art – Drawing and Painting

Dress for Mary Seacole Georgia O’Keefe

DT – Design and make a lighthouse

Lower KS2 YEAR 3          

Art – Painting and drawing Frida Kahlo

DT-  Design and make packaging

Art – Sculpture Goldsworthy, Hepworth and Henry Moore

Gorilla books drawing and painting

DT – Design and make a Carnival headdress

YEAR 4          

Literacy Link - The Iron Man

DT- Design and make Class pop-up book

Art - Drawing and Painting Hockney

DT – Design a light

Art– sculpture pots with Ancient Greek mythological creatures

Art- drawing and Printing of London

Upper KS2           


 YEAR 5          

Art – Drawing Self-portraits Andy Warhol

DT - Design and make a throne

Make a West African mask

Art – Drawing and painting

Macbeth concertina books

DT – Shell Structures – Design and make a city

YEAR 6          

Art – painting Jean- Michel Basquiat

DT – Design and make  a torch

DT- Design and make a survival tent

Art – Sculpture

Art Sculpture - Alexander Caulder/Matisse/Litchenstein/Caulfield


7 Formal elements of art       

Pop art

Giacometti sculptures

8 African Art       

Sweet project

3D lettering

9 Architecture       

Text and Image

Natural forms

10 Project: Manmade vs nature and mock exam
11 Project: Selection of 3 themes and exam

Curriculum routines

Students are tracked on the skills they are learning through the year. They have set targets they will work towards achieving across the years they are here at KSA. Each student will be made aware of their target and how they can progress.

Quizzes in art are there to test student knowledge and application of this knowledge. Students will be regularly assessed on how well they know keywords and processes.


Extra-curricular opportunities


Art is part of the enrichment programme for Upper and Middle School. During this time students have an activity/project which they complete. Students develop their art skills and learn new techniques.


Art activity takes place every day for half an hour in Middle School. Students can select to take part in art activity if they feel they want to focus on their art class work or create something new during this time.

After school - Studio

The art department is open after school and students can choose to come to work in the space using all art materials. GCSE students use the space as their own workshop to complete work daily and book in meetings with Miss Panayides during this time for 1:1 guidance.

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Key contacts and how to get involved

If you would like to find out more about how Art at KSA works please contact Pani Panayides (Head of All-through Art) at

We are always excited to welcome visitors to the Art Room! Please come and join us and share your love of Art with our students.