Teaching at KSA Sixth Form

At King Solomon Academy Sixth Form you will have the opportunity to work with a vibrant, committed and talented group of subject specialists. Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and all have attended top universities and have a strong understanding of what it takes to succeed at university. You can find out more about our teachers here.

How we improve our teachers

Every week on a Friday our sixth form teachers meet to work on developing our teaching practice and to ensure we are providing the best possible sixth form education. We make a commitment to give our students as much time with our talented staff as possible.

Being part of the Ark network means that our teachers have links to subject specialists from a number of different schools. Three times a year our subject teachers meet their colleagues at other schools to plan the curriculum, develop their teaching practice and moderate assessments. These meetings then build strong relationships between subject departments throughout the year.

What you can expect in lessons

While every subject is different and takes its own approach to delivering the syllabus, you find some key themes in your sixth form lessons:

  • A strong start – all of our lessons start with a ‘Do Now’ activity that ensures students learn from the first minute.
  • A clear plan – students receive long term and medium term plans so they can track the sequence of lessons and ensure that all of the curriculum is being covered. In each lessons a lesson agenda is shared to show the key parts of the lesson.
  • Organisation – our teachers explicitly teach students how to make notes, keep well organised and ordered subject folders and use their academic planners to map out their independent study.
  • Support for independent study – we set pre-work every lesson: short 20-30 minute pre-reading and research that ensures students are ready to learn their next topic. Homework is set on a must, should, could format to allow students to understand what they can do to go above and beyond the syllabus.
  • Subject passion – we have a set of teachers who love teaching their subject and who will attempt to demonstrate that passion in lessons
  • Academic challenge – you will be expected to work hard in and out of lessons and questions and activities will always challenge you to reach the highest grades possible.
  • Student ownership – the best learning takes when students take control of the learning process, expect to be asked your opinion and work with your colleagues in your lessons