King Solomon Academy is committed to inclusion.

As a non-selective comprehensive school we take pride in teaching significant numbers of pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Inclusion Leadership Team

Nick Walters
Assistant Principal – All-through Head of Inclusion

Elizabeth Idowu
Secondary SENCO 

Polly Swindells
Primary Deputy SENCO 

We have our team of experienced professionals to support our pupils with SEN.

Early Years Practitioners
EYPs work in our Nursery to support the first steps our pupils take on their educational journey at King Solomon Academy. They work alongside Senior Early Years Practitioners, our Head of Early Years and SENCO to help achieve Early Learning Goals.

Learning Support Assistants
Learning Support Assistants work in Primary to support interventions designed to help pupils with additional needs make progress with their learning and development.

Tutor Fellows
Across King Solomon Academy we have a team of Tutor Fellows to support teachers and Inclusion leaders working with our pupils. Tutor Fellows are often exploring a career in teaching. They gain excellent frontline experience and rapid development with weekly support from leaders. Tutor Fellows work closely with teachers and assist with small group interventions across the school.

Our specialists working with us

Emma Fortune
We Talk Speech and Language Therapy

Emma is a Speech and Language Therapist working at King Solomon Academy two days a week across both sites.

She is registered with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy and the Health and Care Professionals Council.

She is also a member of the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice.

Place 2 Be At KSA
we take the mental wellbeing of our pupils and staff seriously. That is why we are proud to work with Place 2 Be, a leading charity that offers counselling to pupils and staff who would like to speak to a counsellor.

West London Zone
We enjoy a partnership with West London Zone, supporting pupils across both our Younger and Older Years Site who benefit from work promoting good mental health.

We are delighted to continue working with Mind. Trainee Educational Psychologists come to KSA to meet with young people with mental health difficulties and provide them with a space to talk and reflect.

We work closely with professionals across Local Authorities.

To find out details of the Bi-borough Service’s Local Offer, please refer to the Local Offer website:

For information and support, please also refer to the Information, Advice and Support Service:

How we support our pupils

Every child who joins King Solomon Academy is assessed to identify what they know and what they can do. Pupil progress is tracked every term across the curriculum.

Every week teaching staff meet with senior leaders to discuss pupils’ welfare and learning. We respond to emerging concerns with appropriate interventions or referrals through the Inclusion Team.

Where we think a young person may have additional needs, we follow the Assess – Plan – Do – Review four-part cycle:

The KSA Inclusion Team work closely every day with teaching staff across the school to support children with additional needs.

Our graduated approach

Wave 1: Universal

At King Solomon Academy, we believe every minute matters to promote your child’s learning and wellbeing.

We invest heavily in high-quality, consistent practice in every classroom

Teachers are given weekly Professional Development to deepen and extend their expertise on a range of school priorities

Teachers are supported by weekly meetings with Senior leaders and colleagues to identify next steps and develop practice further

Before we go to Wave 2, we check our practice of relevant universal strategies to promote a secure, consistent climate for learning

Wave 2: Targeted

Where a member of staff has a concern for a pupil’s learning, they share the concern with their line manager and will refer the concern to the school Inclusion Team

A school SENCO will then consult with teachers and agree on appropriate strategies to support the pupil

We will share these concerns and steps with parents promptly and openly

Wave 2 (targeted) interventions will be recorded on provision mapping software to track how we are supporting a child

Every child’s progress will be monitored every term and shared with parents

Wave 3: Specialist

In some cases, it is appropriate for King Solomon Academy and parents to seek external advice and support

We enjoy established relationships with a wide range of specialists, including:

• Early Help for early intervention with families

• Bi-borough SEN and Inclusion Team

• Bi-borough Educational Psychology Service

• Child Adolescent Mental Health Service

• Bi-borough ASD Advisory Service

KSA Speech and Language Pathways

For more information about Speech and Language at KSA, please CLICK HERE

Whatever level of support your child receives, we are always happy to meet with parents and carers so you know how your child is progressing and what next steps we will take to support them further.

Education, Health and Care Plans

Where a pupil requires long term external support, King Solomon Academy will support your application for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCPs).

When a young person has an EHCP, their parents or carers will be invited for a formal Annual Review to hear about the young person’s progress with their outcomes. Where appropriate, new outcomes will be proposed.

More information about EHCPs can be found here:

Our School Offer 2022-2023

The diagram below sets out the range of strategies and interventions we may use at King Solomon Academy to support pupils with additional needs.


Communicating with Parents and Carers

At King Solomon Academy, we understand you may have questions about your child’s learning and wellbeing. That’s why we prioritise early, open conversations with you.

  • Every half term our Parents’ Listen Share Group meet to share their experiences of being parents of children with additional needs. All are welcome to join this group, no booking needed. If you would like to find out more, please email Nick Walters at

We will:

  • Listen to your queries and concerns
  • Answer questions about your child’s learning to the best of our ability
  • Share openly with you our observations about your child’s learning and wellbeing
  • Support you, where appropriate, to make contact with external organisations (such as the NHS) to understand and meet your child’s needs better
  • Meet you every term formally in Parents’ Evening to share how your child is progressing and agree next steps for their learning.

Pupil Voice at King Solomon Academy

  • We know the importance of listening and learning from our pupils at King Solomon Academy, especially for those with additional needs.
  • Focus groups of pupils meet with the Inclusion Team to share their experiences with staff every term.
  • We also invite siblings of pupils with Special Educational Needs to meet each other and build up peer friendships.

Promoting Wellbeing at KSA

At KSA we are proud to use Zones of Regulation to promote emotional self-awareness and regulation among our pupils.

Zones of Regulation is a strategy to help us identify how we are feeling and learn to develop coping strategies to manage our emotions.

For some people, it can be difficult to use adjectives to convey our emotions. Zones of Regulation instead uses four ‘Zones’ – blue, yellow, green and red.

  • Blue Zone is when we might feel low, or slow
  • Green Zone is when we might feel calm and ready
  • Yellow Zone is when we might feel excited or ‘on edge’
  • Red Zone is when we might feel angry, or lose control

In all Primary classrooms, pupils ‘check in’ with their Zone every morning and afternoon. This helps children become more self-aware of their feelings and helps adults to support them. Zones of Regulation also helps us become more resilient when facing difficult times.

In Secondary, Zones of Regulation is used to support pupils’ self-expression and self-regulation. This is especially true for pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs.

Here are examples of pupils’ work with Zones of Regulation:

To learn more

For more information about Special Educational Needs and Inclusion at King Solomon Academy, please speak with:

Nick Walters – Assistant Principal – Inclusion

To read King Solomon Academy’s SEN Information Report, please CLICK HERE.