How we are organised

An All-Through School

With classes from nursery to sixth form, King Solomon Academy offers pupils the opportunity to stay at the same school for their whole career. Once accepted, pupils have a place all the way through the school. Siblings are also prioritised at admission, meaning the school feels like a family orientated community. In other settings, many children find the transition from primary to secondary school extremely difficult, often affecting confidence, behaviour and academic achievement. An all-through school reduces this risk as we are able not only to ensure that our staff know the pupils and their families well, but to offer greater continuity between your child’s primary and secondary experience. This ensures that the entire curriculum is backwards planned from success at university and beyond, and this leads to a coherent and long term approach to leaning and achievement.   

Small Schools

We believe that it is impossible to teach pupils to a high standard unless each teacher and leader knows their pupils. By keeping the size of the year group and school so small, we can create a community of pupils and teachers where there are no strangers and no pupil will be left behind. To ensure that pupils are known about and supported in a community with expectations and an environment matched to their needs.

You can find out more about our small school culture in the School Culture tab.