About Science at King Soloman Academy

Danielle Fountain - Head of Science

Ms Fountain joined KSA in 2011. She graduated from Oxford University in Biological Sciences and went on to teach in Honduras. She has since been a Sustainability Strategy Consultant in the City, supporting businesses in becoming more environmentally and socially responsible, and more recently worked as a Science Teacher in a comprehensive school as part of the Teach First Programme. Ms Fountain was promoted to Deputy Head of Department in 2012 and Head of Department in 2014. She was instrumental to the school achieving its exceptional GCSE results in Science in 2014.

We aim to make Science exciting for our pupils. Teachers routinely have experiments in every lesson. As pupils go through the school the amount of science they study increases, from 4 hours a week in Years 7 and 8 to over five in Year 9 and nine hours in Year 10 and 11, where we work hard to make sure the majority, if not all, of our pupils are prepared to study triple science at GCSE and Sciences at A-level. In our first cohort, 75% of our pupils studied Triple Science, and every single one of these pupils achieved at least a C grade in each of the three Science GCSEs. Of the remaining pupils, 23% studied Double Science, which means that 98% of our pupils achieved two or three GCSE qualifications in science.

We set the highest goals for our pupils. We believe that to access A-levels in rigorous subjects our pupils need to gain at least a B grade in GCSE. In order to access GCSEs they need at least a level 6c in science at the end of Key Stage 3. As such our task is to take any child and guide them to this point or higher over the first three years of secondary school. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to make this happen.

Our Science results were in the top 1% nationally of all results for Progress. 85% of our pupils achieved A*-B in their Core Science GCSE, 85% of pupils achieved A*-B and 48% A* or A in their Additional Science GCSE.

Pupils are enjoying studying Biology, Physics and Chemistry A-levels in our newly started Sixth Form, and are excited about getting ready to study Science at the best universities in the world.