Year 7 Admission

King Solomon Academy is an all-through school and so all pupils from Year 6 are automatically given a place in Year 7. Each year, however, there are a small number of pupils who join us in Year 7 from outside the school. 

Applying for a Year 7 place for September 2019

Before the start of term, and from August 2019, any places will be offered from the Secondary In-Year list - this is kept by Westminster Admissions - you can easily add your child's name to the list by clicking here.

Applying for a Year 7 Place for September 2020

If you have a child in Year 6 and would like to be considered for a Year 7 place for September 2020, you will need to complete the "In Year" Year 6 / Potential Year 7 Entry Waiting List, managed by Westminster Admissions.

Pupils at the top of this list will be offered as soon as they become available and wherever possible, around the secondary admissions offer day in March 2020, to start in September 2020. This list operates outside of the standard secondary admissions process - parents cannot apply for Year 7 places at KSA through this process - and applying to KSA does not "use up" a preference for secondary admissions preference. The application process is simple - please click here.

If you have any issues with Admissions you can call the school reception on 020 7563 6900 or Westminster Admissions on 020 7745 6433 (weekdays, 9am to 2pm).