Welcome to King Solomon Academy. Our school is defined by our mission to provide all pupils who attend KSA with the choice at 18 years of age to attend a selective university and be able to be happy and successful both while they study and after they graduate. We are creating not only a school, but a community of pupils, parents and teachers brought together by their shared dedication to doing whatever it takes to achieve success.  

Our academy has the highest academic aspirations whilst maintaining a caring, family-orientated culture. As Principal, I aim to know each and every family well and commit to getting to know each pupil individually, and to ensuring that each pupil leads a happy and successful life here. 

To realise our hopes and dreams for the academy we ask more of ourselves and more of our parents and pupils. This shared commitment and ambition is what makes our school special.  

We hope you enjoy reading more about the academy and look forward to meeting you. 

Mr M. Haimendorf, Principal