Starting your teaching career at KSA

Are you interested in getting into teaching? KSA is the perfect place to start.


Tutor Fellow (Graduate Teaching Assistant)

Recruiting for a start date of September 2017 and other flexible dates.

The Tutor Fellow role exists as a unique springboard into teaching. It is a one year fellowship, which gives teachers a practical grounding in teaching. The role includes tutoring small groups of pupils, supporting pupils in class, leading on extra curricular activities and being a mentor and support to pupils. Tutor Fellows are exposed to exceptional teaching at the highest performing state school in the country and are developed as prospective teachers. During the year, Tutor Fellows are supported to apply to train to be a teacher at King Solomon Academy, through Ark Teacher Training. In recent years, the majority of our Tutor Fellows have gone on to train successfully as teachers at KSA. As an all-through school, we welcome applications from those interested in Primary teaching, Secondary teaching, or both. We also run joint recruitment for our partner primary school, the nearby Ark Paddington Green ( Tutor Fellows across the two sites are trained together and the same future opportuntiies are available to both cohorts.

We are recruiting for candidates looking to start in September 2017 who are interested in training to be a teacher in September 2018, but we also welcome earlier start dates (between January and June 2017). During the 2016-17 year, we will review applications for the role of Tutor Fellow on a periodic basis. After each recruitment round, we will hold interviews at the school.

Recruitment round 1: November 16th 2016

Recruitment round 2: January 16th 2017

Recruitment round 3: February 16th 2017

Recruitment round 4: March 16th 2017

To read more about the role of Tutor Fellow role read the Information Pack. DOWNLOAD

Applications can be made here


Ark Teacher Training

The Ark Teacher Training programme is a cutting edge opportunity to be trained by the highest performing academy network in how to be a great teacher. Successful candidates receive a PGCE and QTS and are set up to be exceptional teachers.Candidates who are successful as Tutor Fellows can train to be teachers at KSA, Ark Paddington Green or other Ark schools.