Academy Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mr M Haimendorf – Principal

Ms E Humphreys – Associate Principal

Mr G Rimmer - Vice Principal, Head of Secondary

Ms L Eyre - Assistant Principal, Head of Infants

Ms N Kumar – Assistant Principal, Head of Junior School

Ms S Crompton – Senior Assistant Principal, Secondary Curriculum (maternity leave)

Ms A Williams – Assistant Principal - Head of Middle School 

Ms L Povey – Assistant Principal, Head of Upper School 

Mr R Tindell – Assistant Principal, Head of Sixth Form

Ms G Woolf – Assistant Principal - Operations

Mr T Mvula – Assistant Principal, Head of Extended Learning

Ms P Panayides – Assistant Principal, Secondary

Ms M Guest - Primary Senior Leader, Head of Inclusion 

Mr M Platten - Finance Director

Infant School

Ms L Eyre –Assistant Principal, Head of Infants


Ms F Ben-Brik – Class Teacher of Roehampton (maternity leave)

Ms D Costello – Class Teacher of Northumbria

Ms S Noel – Nursery Assistant


Ms J Purohit – Year Lead and Phonics Lead, Class Teacher of Hertfordshire

Mr J Pearce – Class Teacher of RADA

Ms K Fox – EYFS Tutor Fellow

Ms F Pinheiro – Learning Support Assistant

Ms M Gee – Associate Teacher (Infants)

Year 1

Ms S Clark – Class Teacher of 1 Nottingham Trent

Ms M Coppard – Associate Teacher (Infants)

Ms E Hart – Primary Science Lead, Class Teacher of 1 Edge Hill

Ms A Short - Tutor Fellow

Ms P Garcia - Associate Teacher

Ms J Moro - Associate Teacher

Year 2

Ms K Holmes – Class Teacher of 2 Edinburgh

Ms L Patterson – Class Teacher of 2 Durham

Ms K Susel – Associate Teacher (Infants)

Ms C Forster – Durham Co-teacher

Junior School

Ms N Kumar – Assistant Principal, Head of Junior School and Head of Year 3

Year 3

Ms P Swindells - Class Teacher of 3 Queen Mary

Ms M Apostolaki – Associate Teacher

Ms C Buskell – Learning Support Assistant

Ms R Harrison – Class Teacher of 3 Birmingham

Ms M Moru – Learning Support Assistant

Ms F Thomson - Tutor Fellow

Ms A Lafta - Primary Assistant

Year 4

Mr JM Chandler - Primary Humanities Lead, Class Teacher of 4 Derby

Mr Dominic Quinn - Class Teacher of 4 Nottingham

Ms P Garcia - Associate Teacher

Ms M Case - Tutor Fellow

Year 5

Mr C Louis-Marie – Class Teacher of 5 Norwich

Mr J Howlett – Primary Maths Lead, Class Teacher of 5 IoE

Year 6

Ms A Davies - Tutor Fellow

Ms D Dejanovic – Learning Support Assistant

Ms R Stone – Primary English lead, Class Teacher of 6 Leeds

Mr T Young – Head of Year 5 and 6, Class Teacher of 6 Nottingham

Middle School

Ms A Williams – Assistant Principal, Head of Middle School 

Year 7

Ms C Tooze - Head of Year, Maths Teacher and Class Teacher of 7 UEA

Ms E McKay - English Teacher

Ms S Arkell – French Teacher, Class Teacher of 7 SOAS

Ms L Warburton – Science Teacher, 7 UEA

Ms M Bowler - Science and Maths Tutor Fellow

Ms C Blair - English Tutor Fellow

Year 8

Mr D Barton – Head of Year 8 and Maths Teacher

Ms H Moore - Head of English and Class Teacher of 8 Warwick

Ms S Morten - Head of All-through Music and Class Teacher of 8 LSE

Mr R Millar - Maths Teacher

Ms A Pickering - English Teacher

Ms R Davis - Tutor Fellow

Year 9

Ms A Elliott - Head of Year 9 and Maths Teacher

Ms A Chawluk - Head of All-through MFL and Class Teacher of 9 Chile

Ms G Bristow - Humanities Teacher

Ms I Diaz - MFL Tutor Fellow

Upper School

Ms L Povey - Assistant Principal, Head of Upper School

Year 10

Ms E Harvey – Head of Year 10 and Science Teacher

Ms S Page – English Teacher, Class Teacher of 10 UCL

Ms K Ashcroft – Science Teacher, Class Teacher of 10 Birmingham

Ms M Sakakini – MFL Teacher

Ms A Griffiths- Head of Year, Lead Teacher of Spanish, Class Teacher of 10 Oxford

Year 11

Ms R Mulvena – Head of Year 11 and Lead Teacher of French

Ms E Taylor – Head of All-through Science, Class Teacher of 11 Canterbury

Mr C Latimir - Head of Maths, Class Teacher of 11 Royal Holloway

Ms F Styles – Science Teacher

Ms S Bryar –Lead Teacher of Chemistry, Class Teacher of 11 Cork

Sixth Form

Mr R Tindell – Assistant Principal, Head of Sixth Form

Ms A Manley – Deputy Head of Sixth Form and Languages Teacher, Class Teacher of 13 Kili

Mr S Landes – Deputy Head of Sixth Form and Head of Business, Economics and Vocational Pathways

Ms C Al-Hariri, Head of Universities and Careers

Mr G Ghaffari – Lead Teacher of History, Class Teacher of 13 Fuji

Ms E Harford - Lead Teacher of Business Studies, Class Teacher of 13 Olympus

Ms K Mungur - Psychology Teacher, Class Teacher of 12 Nevis

Mr G Bowles - Maths Teacher, Class Teacher of 12 Snowden

Mr M Smith - Maths Teacher, Class Teacher of 12 Snowden

Ms F Hudson - Business Teacher, Class Teacher of 13 Kili

Mr P Armstrong - English Literature Tutor Fellow

Music Department

Ms N Fearon - Music Tutor Fellow

PE Department

Mr J Johnson – Head of PE

Ms R Llewellyn – PE Teacher

Ms B Casey - PE Tutor Fellow

Cross-phase staff/Non-teaching staff

Mr I Bowkett – Lead Science Technician

Ms I Colmans – Pastoral Care Co-ordinator

Ms I Partridge – University Access Officer for The Access Project

Ms M Guest – SENCO & Head of Inclusion (Infant and Junior School)

Ms E Idowu – SENCO (Secondary)

Operations Staff

Ms G Woolf - Assistant Principal - Operations

Ms S Riaz - PA to the Principal

Ms A Aslam – HR Officer

Ms P Milton-Gorvie – Finance Manager

Ms C Francis – Senior Administrator and Finance Officer

Mr M Edmonton – Premises Manager

Mr F Lima – Premises Assistant

Mr E Londres – Premises Assistant

Mr J Mulligan - Premises Assistant

Ms S Ali – Academy Receptionist

Ms M Jalloh – Academy Receptionist

Ms C Forrest – Academy Receptionist 

Mr Y Naz – Data and Systems Administrator