Academy Staff



 Mr M Haimendorf - Principal



Ms E Humphreys - Vice Principal (Curriculum) / Head of Primary 


Mr G Rimmer - Vice Principal (Pastoral)


Ms D Birchwood - Operations Director

Ms R Armitage - Assistant Headteacher (Middle School)


Mr T Mvula - Assistant Headteacher (Upper School)


Mr R Tindell - Assistant Headteacher (Sixth Form)




Ms K Affleck- Reception Teacher


Ms J Agyapong - Tutor Fellow 


Ms A Ahmad - Learning Support Assistant 


Ms C Al-Hariri - Exams, Uni & Work Related Learning Coordinator



Ms J Ali - Tutor Fellow 


Mr A Amenllal - Maths Teacher


Mr C Anand-Shaw - Humanities Teacher


Ms L Arnold - Maths Teacher


Ms C Ayers-Rodrigues - Teaching Assistant 


Ms L Baish - Deputy Head of Music 


Ms C Baker - Humanities Teacher 



Ms S Barclay - Head of Year 2


Ms H Barkhan - MFL Teacher


Ms N Barnfather - Learning Support Assistant 


Mr D Barton - Head of Year 9, Maths Teacher


Ms E Basco - Learning Support Assistant 


Ms F Ben-Brik - Nursery Teacher


Mr A Biggs - Deputy Head of Maths & Instructional Coach 


Ms C Biller - Music Tutor Fellow



Ms F Blyth - Tutor Fellow


Mr I Bowkett - Science Technician 



Mr J Bryan - IT Technician


Ms S Bryar - Science Teacher


Ms C Buskell - Learning Support Assistant




Ms H Castle - Nursery Teacher 


Mr Y Chahine - Premises Team 


Mr D Chart - Deputy Head of Maths


Ms H Chatterton - Head of Year 5


Ms A Chawluk - MFL Teacher


Ms S Clark - Tutor Fellow


Ms Krystal Clarke - Year 1 Teacher 


Ms I Colmans - Safeguarding & Attendance Officer 


Ms M Coppard - Teaching Assistant


Ms S Crompton - Head of all through MFL 


Ms S Davies - Head of Year 1 


Ms D Dejanovic - Learning Support Assistant 


Mr S Dolan - Head of Science 



Ms E Downer - Tutor Fellow


Mr R Eddie - Lead Teacher of Physics


Ms A Elliot - Maths Teacher



Ms K England - Head of all through (Pastoral Care) 


Ms A Ferreira - Teaching Assistant 


Ms C Francis - Senior Primary Administrator & Finance Officer



Mr K Francis - Reception Teaching Assistant


Ms P Garcia - Teaching Assistant 


Ms M Gee - Teaching Assistant 



Mr G Ghaffari - Humanities Teacher 


Ms S Giordani - Teaching Assistant 



Ms M Guest - Year 1 Teacher


Mr S Gurr - Premises Team 




Ms E Harvey - Head of Year 8, Science Teacher


Ms H Hayes - Music Teacher


Ms N Hicks - Music Tutor Fellow 



Ms A Honey - Early Years Manager


Ms L Hyland - Head of Year 4 



Ms E Idowu - Secondary SENDCO



Ms A Jackson - Science Teacher


Ms J Jackson - Head of Year 3


Ms M Jalloh - Receptionist 


Ms E Jones - Tutor Fellow


Mr J Johnson - PE Teacher


Ms J Kennedy - English Teacher


Ms Z Khoja - Year 2 Teacher


Ms H Kolawole - Art Teacher


Ms N Kumar - Head of Year 6 and Instructional Coach 


Mr S Landes - Lead Teacher of Business 


Ms H Lewis - Lead Teacher of Geography 


Ms R Llewelyn - Head of Year 7 and Head of PE 


Mr S Locker-Townsend - PE Tutor Fellow 


Mr A Lomas - Humanities Teacher 


Mr S Luk- Music Tutor Fellow


Ms A Manley - MFL Teacher




Mr E McDonagh - The Access Project Co-ordinator 


Ms P Milton-Gorvie - Finance Officer



Ms H Moore - Deputy Head of Secondary English and Instructional Coach 


Ms J Moro - Learning Support Assistant


Ms M Moru - Learning Support Assistant 



Ms R Mulvena - MFL Teacher


Ms S Ngoubeyou - Teaching Assistant 



Ms J Norris - Art Tutor Fellow


Mr R Notice - Premises Team 


Ms S Page - English Teacher



Ms P Panayides - Lead Teacher of Art


Mr S Parratt- Head of Music 



Ms J Parry - Tutor Fellow 


Ms J Petrie - Deputy Head of Sixth Form & English and Pyscology Teacher


Ms M Pez - Learning Support Assistant 


 Mr G Pidgeon - Lead Teacher of Chemistry 


Ms F Pinheiro - Learning Support Assistant 


Ms R Poulson - PA to Principal/HR Lead


Ms L Povey - Head of Secondary Maths


Mr N Prebensen - Head of Year 11, Maths Teacher 


Ms J Purohit - Year 3 Teacher and Instructional Coach 


Ms G Roberts - Year 2 Teacher 


Ms R Seal-Jones - Year 5 Teacher


Ms A Seguin - Reception Teacher


Ms K Susel - Teaching Assistant 


Ms E Taylor - Lead Teacher of Biology



Ms A Williams - Head of Secondary English 


Ms H Woodham - Head of Year 10, RS Teacher


Ms G Woolf - Head of Secondary Coaching, English Teacher 



Mr T Young - Year 6 Teacher