Teaching at KSA sixth form

Sixth Form Teaching and Support Staff

Mr Tindell - Head of Sixth Form

 Ms Petrie - Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Ms Al Hariri - University Guidance and Careers

 Mr McDonagh - The Odysseus Project Coordinator

Ms Williams - Head of Secondary English

Mr Anand-Shaw - Humanities Teacher

Ms Lewis - Lead Teacher of Geography

Ms Povey - Head of Secondary Maths

Mr Landes - Lead Teacher of Business

Ms Taylor - Lead Teacher of Biology

Mr Chart - Deputy Head of Maths

Mr Eddie - Lead Teacher of Physics

 Ms Manley - MFL Teacher


Who are the teachers at KSA sixth form?

Watch this video to  find out a bit about who some of your teachers will be in sixth form, what we studied in sixth form when we were your age, and why we are excited about KSA sixth form.