External Applicants

The application process

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What are we looking for?

In the application process we are looking for students who can demonstrate the following attributes:

  • A strong commitment to learning and educational success
  • Aspirations to attend a top university or pursue a an excellent workplace pathway
  • Clear reasons for applying to KSA Sixth Form
  • An interest in your chosen subjects – have you researched what they will be like at Sixth Form?
  • A commitment and desire to contribute to the Sixth Form and our wider school and local community

After receiving an application we invite all students for a one-to-one, 20 minute interview with a member of the Sixth Form leadership. In the interview we ask you to bring along your school reference, predicted grades and a piece of work you are proud of and can talk about to us. This is also your opportunity to ask us questions and find out more about our Sixth Form.

Subject to a successful interview, students will receive a conditional offer letter stating the subjects we are able to offer on condition of achieving the entrance criteria.

The general entrance criteria for Sixth Form is 6 grade 6s including Maths and English. To study Maths, Further Maths and Science A levels we require a 7 and above in the specific subject at GCSE.