Meet the Staff

Alice Dee: Access Project Coordinator

I’m Ms Dee and I graduated from St Aidan’s College, Durham University with a degree in Biological Sciences in 2015. During my degree I focused on molecular biology, taking particular interest in how cells respond to external changes in their environment and the signalling pathways triggered in the process. I love Biology because it explains so many processes that occur in a human or an animal or plant every second. Without research and technology we’d have no idea about all these processes, and they’re so interesting! After completing my studies I stayed in Durham and worked as the President of my College for a year. I was then elected as the President of Durham Students’ Union until July 2017.

David Barton: Teacher of Mathematics

I will be teaching Year 12 Mathematics. I graduated with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Selwyn College, Cambridge in 2013 before deciding to join teaching. I trained through Teach First gaining my PGCE in 2014. From early in my education I enjoyed mechanics and physics, as I loved being able to model real systems as equations and understand how they worked. My speciality in maths is therefore Mechanics, come and ask if you want to know why a boomerang turns! My interests outside of work in the field are Formula 1, space travel, and sci-fi movies. One thing I love about my subject? Understanding how the world works.

Youlande Biosah: Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of Psychology

I am the Deputy Head of Sixth Form and I will be teaching KS5 Psychology. I run the Psychology network team with ARK and support several other academies with their Psychology curriculum and teaching. I studied at the University of Bournemouth and I have a degree in Psychology. The thing I love most about my subject is the deep understanding and scientific understanding of human behaviour and my favourite topic with Psychology is Ecopsychology – ask me to find out more!

Lydia Povey: Head of Maths

I am the Head of Maths at KSA and will be teaching across the secondary school this year. I graduated from King’s College London with a degree in Maths and have now been working at KSA for five years! I love finding patterns and applying theorems to new situations whilst studying maths, enabling us to model the world around us. My favourite part of the study of Maths is complex numbers.

Ania Chawluk: Teacher of Spanish

I am the Lead Teacher of Spanish at KSA and I will be teaching Year 12 and Year 13 languages this year. I graduated with a degree in French and Spanish before completing the Teach First programme to work towards by PGCE. I love the variety of cultures I can access through my study of languages and the freedom to travel; I can enjoy the music and literature of the different cultures I am able to understand by speaking French and Spanish. My areas of interest include Latin American dictatorships, the current economic situation in Spain and the anthropological topography of South American.

Alice Jackson: Teacher of Physics

I will be teaching A-level Physics this year as well as being a Year 7 class teacher! I studied at University College London, just down the road from KSA. I love my subject because Physics explains the hidden secrets of the things we think we already understand. My favourite part of studying Physics is understanding solid state physics and exploring nuclear research.

Polly Rogers: Teacher of Geography

I will be teaching Year 13 Geography this year as well as teaching in other areas of the secondary school. I studied at the University of Oxford and graduated with a degree in Geography. I then went on to complete the Teach First programme in the West Midlands. I love Geography because it gives you the ability to analyse the world around you critically; the scope of the subject is immense, you can never be bored of it! My specialist interest is social geography: I loved modules that I studied at university which explored Indian and African societies which has now allowed me to enjoy teaching the concept of globalisation and superpowers at A-level.

Alicia Manley: Teacher of French

I am Lead Teacher of French at KSA and will be teaching Year 12 and Year 13 languages this year. This is my second year at KSA where I have also taught History at A-level. I graduated from Durham University with a degree in History and French and I then went on to complete the Teach First programme in London. I love studying and teaching French because I love reading literature and watching film from the target culture; French Literature from the 20th century is my passion, as well as analysing the origins of the French Revolution.

Abi Taylor: Head of Humanities, Teacher of History

I am the Head of Humanities at KSA and I will be teaching A-level History. I studied at The University of Nottingham and graduated with a degree in History. I love teaching my subject because of the variety of topics you can learn; I love being able to link a topic to help explain something occurring in the present day. My specialist interests include: the Tudors, Russian 19th and 20th century and social history.

Jess Petrie: Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of English

I am the Deputy Head of Sixth Form at KSA and I lead KS5 English Literature. I started teaching in the West Midlands as part of the Teach First programme and this is my third year at KSA. I love teaching my subject because of how much it allows students to learn about the world; it’s a myth that Literature is only the study of certain texts – it is the study of history, culture, and society across the ages. My favourite area of the subject to teach is Drama – from Shakespeare to Pinter, I love this form of Literature and how alive studying it can make a classroom!

Richard Tindell: Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of Economics and Business

I am the Head of Sixth Form and will be teaching Economics A level and BTEC Business this year. I read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at St John’s College Oxford and have a Masters in International Development and Education Economics. My passion for economics comes from its ability to help us explain and interpret the world. I have worked on development projects in Uganda, Nigeria and Kosovo as well as teaching at three different schools in London and every job I have done has shown the power of economics to transform the way world works. My particular area of interest within economics is international economics and international development. I have a deep interest in the question of how economies can make their citizens richer and whose responsibility it is to ensure that development happens.