Work experience

To help our students go to university and have successful careers, we need them not only to understand how to achieve academic success, but also to experience what it takes to be successful in professional settings. With this in mind, we have a comprehensive programme of work-related learning which enables our students to progress to a purposeful and rewarding world of work after university.

Experiences of Work

Year 9 students complete a 2 day work shadowing placement in April and year 10 students complete one week of work experience in July.

Work Shadowing is when a student follows the role of a worker in the workplace observing their duties, gaining an understanding of their working day and being able to engage with them to be able to understand the issues such as career progression. They will complete a project as part of this experience.

Work Experience is where a student spends a week with an employer or an organisation as if they were a young trainee. This involves hands on real work in real work situations.

King Solomon Academy endeavours to comply with current legislation and guidance from the relevant regulatory bodies including the DfE, the Health and Safety Executive and Ofsted.

Finding your own placement

If students and their parents have an employer they know who could give them work experience or work shadowing, they may also be able to do their placement through this employer. To do this you must:

  • Complete an own placement form and get the employer to complete their details and most importantly, their Employers Liability Insurance
  • Work Experience form
  • The school will then risk assess the placement and confirm with the parent, the placement can go ahead.

Parents should also be familiar with the publication of’ Young People and Work Experience’ and should ensure a prospective employer is also familiar. Providing an employer feels they can comply with this HSE guidance then the placement should be able to go ahead.

This should be emailed, once completed by student, parents and employer, to Miss Al-Hariri at

What you should ask the employer to do:

  1. read the HSE guidance
  2. confirm they have Employers’ Liability (Compulsory) Insurance
  3. c. provide your daughter with the significant outcomes of relevant risk assessments for prior to the commencement of her placement.

We recommend you ask the employer to:

  1. provide a reference for your child once their placement is completed (most universities are now asking for this)

For any students who have not reached minimum school leaving age (Year 11 or younger) who obtain work experience externally, you must check all placements through Miss Al-Hariri to ensure the activities are in line with child employment law.

You can find the Governments guidance on Child employment Law here:

Other work related learning

As well as work experience, we frequently have visitors and speakers from a number of different sectors to speak to our students of all ages about their jobs and industries and the routes into these workplaces. Students get the chance to ask these students about their jobs, which help them to gain knowledge on different sectors.