Welcome to King Solomon Academy Secondary School. The Secondary school started with just 60 Year 7 pupils in September 2009. From September 2015, we will have all year groups from years 7 to 13, comprising around 400 pupils. We are a uniquely small secondary school where pupils are known and cared about as individuals and where behaviour and manners are exemplary.

Our school is one of high expectations which transforms pupils, whatever their starting point, into responsible and academically able young adults. We are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to ensure each of our pupils has the chance to attend an academically rigorous university. In order to achieve their ambitious goals our pupils work hard. Our longer school day and year gives more time for pupils to learn.

Our curriculum is academic. We focus on English and Maths as the foundations for all learning. Our academic enrichment activities such as our Key Stage 3 Shakespeare productions and strings Orchestra give our pupils life-changing opportunities.

As part of an all-through academy, we are pleased to now be welcoming pupils from our own primary school and working relentlessly to fulfil the promise of a university education that we make to each of our families.

Max Haimendorf
Secondary Headteacher