School day

Longer School Day

At King Solomon Academy our pupils benefit from a longer school day, running from 8:20am to 4.00pm, which allows additional time for English, maths and music. We believe that this extra learning time is crucial in enabling our pupils to achieve their goals.  The timings vary between years and on different days. On a Monday we finish at 3pm for teacher training. A typical Middle School timetable is shown below. 

08:10-08:20 am  Pupils welcomed at main entrance
08:20am Pupils must be in school by this time, registration
8.35am Lesson 1
9.30am Lesson 2
10.25am Lesson 3
11:20am Break with snack
11.35am Lesson 4 
12.30pm Activity
1.30pm DEAR (Drop Everything And Read)
1.30pm Lunch
2.00pm Lesson 5
2.55pm Lesson 6
3.50pm Registration
4.00pm Dismissal
4.00 – 5.00pm Extension Activities / Homework Catch-up / Detention

Lunch and Nutrition 

We are committed to healthy eating and we believe that what pupils eat has a direct impact on their learning. Lunch is served in a “family service”, where pupils sit and share food at a shared table as a family does. To support this approach and maintain healthy lifestyles, pupils may not bring food or drink, except water, into school, as the academy will provide all the nourishment the pupils need. Pupils are also provided with a healthy midmorning snack and a water bottle, which are free of charge. A school lunch costs £2.50 a day.

Partnership with Parents 

Strong links between home and school are vital, as by working together our pupils’ education will be more successful. We believe in the power of our community and the importance of the relationships we forge with our parents. We welcome parents to regular Coffee Mornings and to join our Parent Council.