School activities

Enriched Curriculum

School Trips 

King Solomon Academy believes that our pupils should benefit from visiting places of interest. These experiences broaden pupils’ horizons and deepen their learning.  The academy takes regular trips to London museums, galleries, theatres and parks. These happen in school time and sometimes on weekends. There is also one substantial residential trip a year to a leading university, which helps to inspire pupils about the world of university and develop their learning. The trips also act as a reward for pupils’ hard work during the year and include many fun activities. All the trips are subsidised by the academy, but we also ask parents for a contribution towards the cost . We would not want cost to be a reason for pupils to miss out, so if parents are unable to make a contribution they should discuss this with the school.

Weekend Activities 

King Solomon Academy runs additional weekend and holiday activities. It should be understood that these are an important part of the education our pupils are provided and we expect pupils and their families to support these trips and activities.