Preparing pupils for a career of their choice

We aim for all our pupils to leave King Solomon Academy with an understanding of the array of careers that exist and the skills and qualifications required for these careers.

In Primary School, pupils take part in Careers Week. This is an annual event in school where a range of activities take place for different year groups, which include talks and workshops from different professionals.

In Middle School, we embed careers into the PKSA curriculum. In this age group, we focus on pupils understanding what contributes to an ideal job, how different jobs can make an impact and how to make a careers plan. This is supported by talks from different employers to help pupils understand the range of careers and what each of these jobs involves.

In Year 9, all pupils take part in a 2 day work shadowing placement, in a workplace. This is an amazing opportunity for them to understand what a professional environment looks like and how people behave within it. Pupils complete a work pack throughout their placement as they observe their host.

In Upper School, pupils continue with a careers curriculum, understanding the different routes they can take after completing GCSEs to reach their preferred careers and making an individualised careers plan. They take part in a speed networking event, interview practice and understanding how to complete application forms, to prepare them for the working world.

In Year 10, they do a one week work experience in July. This experience is about them gaining real experience of what work is like, completing tasks for their supervisor and understanding the skills needed to be successful in the workplace.

In Sixth Form, we use assemblies and university preparation time to prepare our students for the world of work. We have numerous speakers each term, from a range of professions. We also direct students to and organise work experience placements across a range of industries, to give students even more experience of the world of work. They also attend a CV workshop, have a Careers Fair and have a Careers Day as part of their University Enrichment week.