Relationships with parents

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Infants, Juniors, Middle and Upper School

Keeping parents updated with praise and concerns

For pupils to be successful in any year group at KSA, we know we all need to invest in building very strong relationships with parents and families. 

Pick up and drop off points in Infants and Juniors are the ideal times to talk to your child's class teacher about how they are getting on day to day. 

In Middle and Upper School, where pupils come to and from school independently, all class teachers have mobile phones and parents are welcome to call or text to discuss their child. The class teacher can also send regular messages to update you with positive news about your child. Also look out for any stickers, certificates, or notes in your child's planner from the class teacher.

Similarly, any concerns parents may have should be raised as soon as possible. It might be something you feel is appropriate to do at the end of the day in the playground, or via a quick phone call; or you may want to arrange a meeting with the class teacher, in which case please do contact them via their KSA mobile phone to organise this. If teachers have a more serious concern e.g. a yellow or red behaviour slip in Primary, or PREP 1 or PREP 2 in Secondary, then we will contact you on the same day to arrange a meeting to deal with the situation as soon as possible, agree the consequence and help the pupil to understand how they can fix the situation and move on. 

Getting to Know You Dinners

In the first weeks of the academic year, each year group organises a Getting To Know You Dinner; this is a social occasion for the year team, leaders, parents and children to come together as a year group community and get to know each other. Heads of Year lead on the organisation and encourage pupils to advertise it to their families, bring food and drink and organise entertainment. The Head of Year will make a short presentation of the staff, the key milestones in the year including trips, and the curriculum for the first half term.

Portfolio Presentations

Parents of children in Y5-Y10 are also invited, and warmly encouraged to attend their child’s Portfolio Presentation which takes place towards the end of Half Term 6. The presentation serves both as a celebration of the pupil's progress as they present a portfolio of work from across the year which they are most proud of, and as preparation for formal interviews since each pupil has to present to a panel of invited guests who they do not know (friends of the school) and receive feedback on how they presented themselves.  


Parents are invited into KSA to participate in learning and celebrating learning wherever possible. The annual Summer and Winter Festivals are two of the most important events in the school calendar where we come together as a music-making community across the whole academy with concerts in Infants, Juniors and Secondary showing off our entire music programme. Parents are also expected to attend the Year 6 play and Shakespeare productions in Year 7 and Year 8.

In Infants, Juniors and Middle School, parents are invited to a termly learning celebration and workshop in each year group. For example in Year 1, we recreate our classroom into a museum exhibition of everything we've learnt about dinosaurs; in Year 3, we host a Brazilian festival and in Year 5, we host a performance poetry event. Parents attend the Year 7 Wax Museum and the Year 8 Science Fair.


Sixth Form


The first formal parent meeting in Sixth Form is immediately after GCSE results are released. In the following days, before the school year begins, every prospective sixth form student attends an enrolment meeting with their parents. At this meeting there is a review of the key parts of the sixth form handbook, the collection of contact details and a discussion of the sixth form contract. Parents, students and the sixth form leader all agree to the conditions of the contract and then sign the contract that holds for the duration the student's time at sixth form. Enrolment meetings must happen before the student begins in sixth form.

Keeping parents informed about progress

After the first tri-weekly assessment of the year for Year 12, there will be parent meetings held for any student who is a clear concern. 

On a day-to-day basis it is expected that parents and teachers have regular contact, so that parents are aware of any concerns about attendance (on the day of any unauthorised absence) and wider pastoral issues, concerns about organisation and progress in the subject.

Parents receive reports on student progress at the three monitoring periods in the year (November, March and HT6 mocks for Year 12 and Nov and March mocks for Year 13).

Preparing for UCAS

The other time parents will be called in for a meeting is to inform them about them the university application process. In week 3 of HT1 of Year 13, a UCAS information evening is held which explains the UCAS process to parents and gives guidance on finance and wider issues around university life. 

Trips and out-of-school activities

Parents are still kept informed of all trips and out-of-school activities. This happens by letter with signed consent forms. Text messages are also used to inform parents of key deadlines and sixth form events.