After School Activities


We want our pupils to enjoy a rich and varied school life and that includes a wide choice of stimulating extra-curricular activities.


We are delighted to be offering a bigger range of clubs than ever before in Autumn 2018.

Parents can sign up in week 2 using the usual parent booking form 

Registration closes on Friday 15th September at 5pm.

Clubs will begin in week 3 from Monday 18th September.

Clubs run from 3-4pm on a Monday and from 4-5pm Tuesday-Friday.

Pupils must be picked up at 4pm by one of their named pick-up adults, at 4pm on a Monday or 5pm Tuesday-Friday from the KS1 playground.

Name of club Day of the week Year groups
Basketball Monday Y3 - Y6
Art Tuesday Y3 - Y6
Multi Sports Tuesday Y3 - Y6
Nature for our Neighbourhood Tuesday Y3 - Y6
Homework Club 1 - Ms Gee Tuesday Y1
Homework Club 2 - Ms Susel Tuesday Y2
Craft Wednesday Y1 - Y2
Coding Wednesday Y3 - Y6
Book Wednesday Y1 - Y2
Young Stars Band Wednesday Y1 - Y2
Yoga & Barre Wednesday Y1 - Y2
Cricket Wednesday Y1 - Y2
Homework - Ms Garcia Wednesday Y3-Y4
Karate Thursday Y1 - Y6
Multi Sports Thursday Y1 - Y2
Lego Club Thursday Y1 - Y4
Board Games Club Thursday Y3 - Y6
Current Affairs & Journnalism Thursday Y3 - Y6
Comic Art Friday Y3 - Y6
Board Games Friday Y1 - Y2
Football Friday Y5 - Y6
Gardening Friday Y1 - Y2
Film Friday Y1 - Y4



Extra-curricular opportunites are coordinated by each subject area. You can find out more in the Curriculum tab in the main menu. Days and times will be finalised in the first week of the Autumn term. Here are some examples:

Subject Area Extra-curricular activity Description
Art Studio time The art department is open after school most days of the week for pupils to pursue their own work and arrange 1:1 tutorials with their art teacher.
English Our Story Pupils across all key stages are invited to apply for our year-long creative writing programme. Successful applicants attend weekly sessions which involve writing, discussing and reviewing creative writing. Towards the end of the year, they revisit all their work to choose the best pieces which are then edited ready to include in a published anthology of writing.     
The King’s Speech Pupils across all key stages are invited to apply to become part of the creative team behind ‘The King’s Speech’, our termly magazine. The magazine includes a range of fictional and non-fiction contributions as well as showcasing art work and profiling important events in the KSA calendar. The magazine is published online and in print.
Drama Society Pupils in KS3 are invited to become part of our Drama Society, where they work each week to produce, direct, rehearse and even write plays. One play will be performed each term to a paying audience!
English and Humanities Debating Club Working with the Humanities department and professionals from top businesses, students in KS5 are invited to attend a debating workshop which helps them to refine their argumentative and reasoning skills. The Sixth Form ‘experts’ then run a debate club for pupils in KS3 which culminates in entry into national competitions.
Maths UK Mathematics Trust prep club Ms Elliot and Ms Patel run an after school UKMT Prep club for Middle School students. In this time pupils will extend their mathematical thinking, logic and problem solving skills in order to achieve highly in both the individual and team challenges. 
Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Spanish Club For KS2 pupils
Latin Club For KS3 pupils
The Languages Challenge For KS3 pupils: An opportunity to compete by challenging your ability to use a range of different languages in a range of different context.
Music One Voice Choir A choir program that links up with the ARK network and accepts keen singers from KS2 to KS4. Sessions happen after school
Open Music Practice Pupils can sign up to visit the department and work on a range of independent or small group projects including composition on computers, forming a band, exploring different instruments     
Physical Education Basketball We are lucky to have highly skilled basketball and football coaches on our team, who have built strong teams throughout the school.
Fitness Before school fitness sessions.
Friday Tournaments A rotation of tournaments in different sports every Friday after school, for a variety of age groups.
Science Curie-ous Club      Curie-ous Club is part of the science enrichment programme for middle school. In Curie-ous Club, pupils will be encourages to design their own experiments for testing hypotheses, or using practical methods to discover new and fun scientific information.     
KS3 Science Fair      Science Fair is undertaken at the end of Year 8 in which pupils self-select experiments to research, plan, carry out and present at a science fair on large boards. External judges are invited in (friends and relatives linked to science) to judge the winners of the science fair. The winners are awarded a prize.     
KS3 Silver CREST award      CREST is a Year 9/10 science club in which pupils work with an external volunteer and a science teacher on a project. This has included building model cars (after having learnt woodwork, moulding and soldering techniques, the principles of aerodynamics and how motors work) with an appetite for science and a requirement to fulfil their Skill section of DofE.     
KS5 Electives      Depending on the science department’s specialisms and preferences extra-curricular activities / trips will be offered for scientists. We have previously run:    -           Dissection Club – Teaching students how to make accurate drawings, starting with small inanimate objects, working to small organisms / organs, up to rats / larger organisms depending on costs   

-           Journal Review Club – In teams choose a topic / area of interest. Students read articles and write a short review each. These are compiled into a journal

-           “Open Labs” – A mini version of what a scientists would do! Pupils research what they want to do a project/experiment on, submit proposals & budgeting to teacher/technician, do experiments over multiple sessions, write up a research paper and present to an audience