School day

Longer School Day

At King Solomon Academy our pupils benefit from a longer school day, running from 8.30am to 4pm (8.30am-2.50pm on Mondays). This allows additional time for English and mathematics, as well as daily music and PE. We believe that this extra learning time is crucial in enabling our pupils to achieve their goals. Below you will find example timetables from each Key Stage.


Key Stage 1 - Year 1:  Canterbury

Key Stage 2 - Year 4:  Durham


Lunch and Nutrition

King Solomon Academy is committed to healthy eating. We believe that what pupils eat has direct impact on their learning. The academy takes responsibility for ensuring that pupils eat nutritiously while on site. To do this, we insist that parents/carers follow our No Junk Food policy and do not give their children junk food, sweets or fizzy drinks to bring to school.  We also ask that parents/carers do not give their children nut products to bring into school. All pupils will be provided with a healthy morning snack, consisting of fruit or raw vegetables.

The school dinner menu is varied and specifically created for our pupils.   There will be no pork, shellfish or nuts on the menu. The menu provides for either a vegetarian or non-vegetarian option. Parents/carers of vegetarian pupils must register this with the academy office at the start of the academic year. For a sample menu, please click here.

Lunch arrangements at KSA follow a family-dining style, with pupils sitting around circular tables and dishing up from communal platters of food.  Adults are available throughout the lunch session to ensure pupils are eating, behaving well and are safe. Once all children have finished their food, they will be escorted to the playground for free play.

There is a new Government programme where children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will be entitled to a universal infant free school meal each day from September 2014. This will be at no cost to parents. Some children, at present, qualify for a free school meal due to household income or benefit status. The school obtains further funding to help support children though this scheme, known as Pupil Premium. We have application forms in the School Office or online, if you feel that you may qualify for this extra grant that the school will obtain to run alongside the new initiative.

In Year 3 to Year 5, lunch is charged at £2.50 per day. If parents prefer their child to have a packed lunch, it must comply with the school's healthy food policy. Pupils will not be able to change from school dinners to packed lunches and vice versa on an adhoc basis. Pupils must commit themselves to either school dinners or packed lunches for half a term.  Parents must speak to the School Office if they would like their child to change. In Year 6, it is compulsory for all pupils to have school dinners. Pupils in Year 6 may only bring water into school, as the academy will provide all the nourishment the pupils need.   

Partnership with Parents

Strong links between home and school are vital, as by working together our pupils’ education will be more successful. To promote these links, our school operates an ‘open door’ policy for all parents. Parents are also encouraged to attend our weekly Celebration of Achievement assembly, during which children’s achievements, such as good attendance, positive behaviour and academic success will be celebrated. These take place between 8:40am-9:00am every Friday. Other events include our sports day, end of term performances and our summer fair. In order to keep parents well informed of their child’s progress, we issue three reports and hold three parent-teacher conferences a year.