Absence and appointment procedures

Reporting Absence

King Solomon Academy expects parents to call the school (0207 563 6900 ext 1) before the start of the school day if they are making the decision to keep their child at home. Parents are expected to make this call for each day of absence, even when absence occurs on consecutive days for the same reason. If this phone call is not received the parent should expect a follow up phone call from the attendance administrator to ascertain the child’s whereabouts and reason for absence. If we cannot contact parents regarding a child’s absence the child is considered to be missing and this may trigger a referral to external agencies so we can ensure the child/ families safety.

If the child is off for more than three consecutive days, has historically low attendance, or patterns of absence, a doctor’s note will be required to authorise the absence. Otherwise, the absence will be authorised at the school’s discretion depending on the reason for absence. The doctors note should be given to reception within 7 days of the absence. Please note, presentation of a prescription does not automatically authorise an absence, nor does a note from a doctor acknowledging that the child was seen, or an appointment slip for a GP visit.

Both authorised and unauthorised absences count as statistical absences, a high number of unauthorised absences may prompt a referral to Children’s Services.

Procedure for parents

  1. Call 0207 563 6900 extension 1 before 8.50am to report an absence.
  2. Make this phone call on every day of absence.
  3. If this is the fourth day of absence a doctor’s note must be obtained. This note should explain that the child was unable to be in school for the duration of their absence.
  4. The doctors note must be brought into school and handed to reception within 7 days of the child returning to school.
  5. All absences will be authorised at the discretion of the academy. If a child has a high number of absences, doctor’s notes may be required for absences of fewer than 3 days, you will be informed if this is the case.

Communication regarding appointments

At King Solomon Academy, we strongly advise families to make appointments outside of school hours or during school holidays in order to avoid disrupting the learning of the child and their class.

Where appointments during the school day cannot be avoided, KSA asks that families give advanced notice (at least one day before) unless it is an emergency. This communication should be via a written note/ appointment notification to be given to the child’s Head of Year. The Head of Year may follow up with a phone call to parents before authorising the appointment. A pupil cannot leave school without an appointment slip which has been completed by their Head of Year.

Medical appointments count as statistical absences.

Please see the link below to read our Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy September 2017

For information on how we manage pupils who are persistently absent please click on the link below

Persistent absence.pdf

Further information

If you require any further information regarding attendance please see the attendance (statutory), child employment & entertainment, elective home education and children missing education team.'s website here