Class Parent Representatives

If you would like to be involved in class communications to get to know other parents, share reminders about school and organise play dates, you can get in touch with your class parent rep. Please be reminded that this is not a group for asking for help with any concerns about curriculum or the school – these definitely need to be addressed by staff.

6 Plymouth - Ms Gigi Ayaley (Ruth's mum) and Ms Gemma Halligan (Alfie's mum)

6 Birmingham - Ms Arwa Mohammed (Ali's mum) and Ms Hayley Buckley (Mason's mum)

6 Nottingham - Ms Roslina Amin (Amir's mum)

5 London - Ms Anwar Ahmad (Mawadda's mum)

5 Le Man - Ms Lisa Clifton (Elektra's mum)

4 Durham - Ms Hanan Kiar (Rayhan's mum) and Ms Josephine James (Dominic's mum)

4 New York - Ms Marya Bitar (Hanna's mum), Ms Fatima Mkaled (Ali's mum) and Ms Muna Haj Ali (Abdulrazak's mum) 

4 Oxford -  Ms Alima Begum (Shakil's mum) and Ms Warda Ahmed (Maher's mum)

3 Hatfield - Ms Gamila Salim (Malak's mum), Elodie Osman (Noreine's mum), Ms Fatima Reffas (Isa's mum) and Ms Dragana Dobric (Nina's Mum)

3 Edinburgh - Ms Elizabeth Giovanna (Frederic's mum)

3 Birmingham - Ms Cheryl Francis (AJ's mum)

2 Exeter - Ms Fatma Nasr (Omar's mum) and Ms Alia Ahmad (Sofia's mum)

Reception Surrey - Ms Marianne Joseph (Lilia's mum)

Reception Sheffield Hallam - Ms Nora Gujral (Neel's mum)

Reception RADA - Ms Liliana Jawarneh (Yousef's mum)

Nursery Southbank - Mrs Jurgita Venckute (Rosie's mum)

Nursery Northumbria - Ms Louise Hall (Laith's mum)