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King Solomon Academy was inspected by Ofsted in May 2013 and they concluded that "The academy’s mission, ‘To provide a rigorous and transformational education that prepares our pupils for success at university and beyond’ has become a reality at this outstanding academy."

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King Solomon Academy has achieved an outstanding rating from Ofsted for the whole academy (primary and secondary), being rated as outstanding in all categories. We are proud of all our staff, pupils, parents, governors and friends who have made this possible.

Among the points highlighted by the Inspectors in the Academy's second full inspection report since opening, they say:

• "Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary. They are welcoming, courteous and polite to each other, staff and visitors at all times. Pupils thoroughly enjoy their learning, are happy and feel very safe. Pupils support each other’s learning very effectively."
• "Achievement is outstanding at all key stages. All groups of pupils, including those who have special educational needs, make excellent progress."
• "The overall quality of teaching is outstanding. Teachers’ expert subject knowledge inspires pupils to be highly motivated, enthusiastic learners."
• "Concern for the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is exceptional; it permeates all their activities"
• "Leadership at all levels ensures an unyielding pursuit of excellence. Pupils, staff and parents are proud to be associated with the academy."
• "The headteachers model excellence in their work and demonstrate determination, rigour, foresight and creativity."

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Exam Results

King Solomon Academy has produced excellent academic results for several years.

The 2018 Results are shown here:

Reception and KS1

      National           KSA
Reception GLD         71%             64%
% of Year 1 pupils passing Phonics Screener         78%            98%
KS1 Reading                                                                          76%            66%
KS1 Writing                                                                                      68%            68%
KS1 Maths         75%             73%

Primary - Key Stage 2 Headline Measures

  National KSA
% of pupils are expected level in Reading Writing and Maths 64% 68%
Average Points Score 104 104

Secondary - Key Stage 4 Headline Measures
For five years running, pupils at King Solomon Academy have made progress well above the average progress made by the peers in schools across the country in their GCSE exams.

  National KSA
% of pupils with C/4 including English and Maths               63% 80%
EBacc (Academic GCSEs at C/5 and above) 18% 43%
Attainment 8 4.5 5.3
Provisional Progress 8 0 0.5*
% A/7 grades n/a 27%

*The Progress 8 measure states that pupils at King Solomon Academy made one half grade's more progress in each subject in secondary school than the average pupils.

Sixth Form - Key Stage 5 Headline Measures (including BTEC)
There has been a continued trend of improvement in pupil outcomes for three years running at King Solomon Academy and we are most proud of the fact that 70% of our pupils went to top-third universities in 2018.

% of pupils with 3 A-C grades 66%
% of pupils with 3 A-B grades 41%
% of pupils going to a top 3rd University 75%