Academic curriculum

What does the academic curriculum look like at KSA sixth form?

We offer a rigorous academic curriculum which we know will prepare our pupils to be successful at university and beyond.

We are proud to be a small school who values exceptional teaching in a carefully selected group of subjects. We only offer A level qualifications because we believe they are the best preparation for the rigour of university study. All pupils will be expected to take four AS courses in Year 12. Some carefully selected pupils may be considered to take five AS courses. Each course will be taught over 5 hours each week so the vast majority of pupils will be taught for twenty hours a week. Pupils will be expected to at least match those hours in independent study.

We offer A level courses in the following subjects:

Watch the video below to find out some more about our A level courses from the teachers who'll be leading you through them:


Please click on the subject links to find out more details about each subject we offer. You can research reasons why you might want to choose each subject; review the AS and A2 curriculum as well as the assessment model, and consider the skills you will develop. You can also start thinking about which subjects complement each other well.

Once you've chosen your courses, you're ready to complete your application form. You can download it here: