School Meals

School meals for pupils cost £2.50 per day.  

When paying for school meals, all payments should be made online using Parent Pay.  Please click here to log-in to Parent Pay. Please contact the school if you need to find out your log-in details.

You may be entitled to Free School Meals.  If you would like to find out if you are entitled please click here to download a Free School Meals application form.   You can leave the completed application form at reception and we will process this for you. Don’t forget to provide copies of the benefits you receive to support your application.

Food Menus

PDF iconHT2 November 2018 Food Menus .pdf

4 weeks Menu_08-10 to 09-11-18_KSA.pdf

Our school catering is provided by JPL Catering. Find out more below!

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JPL Catering

Dishes from around the world such as chicken curry with pilau rice, beef bourguignon, sweet and sour chicken with egg noodles, and jerk chicken could be menu items at a hip restaurant, but for King Solomon Academy they’re on the lunch line.

That’s thanks to JPL Catering, the school meal supplier that aims to revolutionise school food by providing students with healthy, affordable, and chef-created dishes. 

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“This is the best school dinner I’ve ever had." Boris Johnson


"Amazing what Edson is doing." Henry Dimbleby (British cookery writer and a co-founder of the Leon Restaurants)


JPL Catering believe strongly in nourishing the minds and bodies of tomorrow’s leaders, and that is why they ensure that they adhere to the following philosophy:

  • JPL is passionate about engaging parents about the importance of healthy eating with monthly newsletters and more.
  • JPL believes that a balanced lunch can be a delicious and fun way for children to learn about nutrition and become empowered about their own diets.
  • JPL supports pupils in developing their taste buds and mainly use family dining to encourage other reluctant students to try different dishes.
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Our CEO had the pleasure of meeting HRH Duchess of Cambridge and show our work in supporting pupils with healthy eating!    

 JPL Menus at King Solomon Academy

JPL Catering mission is always to start with good food and prepare it in a delicious way so that there isn’t a difference between ‘delicious’ and ‘healthy.’ We’re confident that good food is healthy, it’s just a matter of how you prepare it. 

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The menus at King Solomon Academy consist of 2 sides, the main dish (meat or vegetarian) and a dessert. JPL aims at using as many vegetables as possible in its menus, including adding extra vegetables into the main dish and using fruits and vegetables in all of its desserts.