Parent Engagement

Parent Coffee Mornings

Coffee Morning Schedule

Date Topic Lead By
Friday 23rd February Catering at King Solomon Academy Mr Haimendorf
Friday 2nd March English at King Solomon Academy including a look back on reading week Ms Williams
Friday 9th March Science Week Ms Taylor
Friday 16th March INSET Day - No coffee morning  
Friday 23rd March E-Safety - How to stay safe online Ms England 

The Parent Council

We genuinely wish to seek, and take account of, parents’ views and involve them as much as possible in life and work of the school. Research has shown that children behave better and achieve more when their parents are involved in their education. Concerns can be resolved quickly when parents have a good relationship with the school. The Parent Council is a forum where parents can express their views, know that they can make a difference, and learn more about how the school operates.

Our Parent Council will meet regularly to contribute to discussions about ideas and/or new initiatives that the school is running. The Parent Council will meet once every half term. The Parent Council runs most effectively when issues are raised from the parent community beforehand, and when the academy shares any topic which they are seeking feedback on, in advance. The Parent Council will always take place before the School Governors’ Meeting and the issues raised will be reported at the Governing Body meeting by the Parent Governors who are also part of the Council. Condensed and anonymised minutes from the Parent Council will be published on the school website.

Terms of reference and core purpose:

The parent council will:

·        Minute all meetings and make them available to all parents/carers

·        Include the parent governors who can share information with the governing body

·        Be involved in identifying priorities for the school improvement plan

·        Advise the school on parental views

·        Be the forum through which the school consults parents

·        Make recommendations (this may be in relation to developing policies, procedures, protocols etc.) to the governing body and the Senior Leadership Team

·        Not be the forum for complaints about individual teachers, pupils, parents or individual issues (these should be raised through the leadership structure of the academy)

·        Meet half termly

·        Help to ensure communication between parents and the school is the best it can be

·        Review the impact of its work annually

·        Review terms of reference annually

·        Where possible, the council should consist of a parent/carer representative from each class

 -         A member of the Senior Leadership Team

-         Parent governor     

Parent Council Minutes

Condensed Parent Council Minutes 27.09.17.pdf

Parent Council Minutes 8.11.2017.docx.pdf

Parent Council Meeting 17.01.18.pdf

Parent Feedback

Parents Open Meeting 17.10.17.pdf